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Genes decide if coffee hurts or helps your heart - drugs-alcohol ...
Coffee raises risk of heart attack in people predisposed to metabolise caffeine slowly but reduces risk for fast metabolisers, new research suggests.
TheStar.com - sciencetech - New heart drugs flawed
The hot new strategy of trying to prevent heart disease by raising good cholesterol had more setbacks Monday as new studies showed that experimental drugs didn't work and also had safety problems.
Thai government allows generic production of HIV, heart drugs ...
Thai government allows generic production of HIV, heart drugs.
Heart Drugs - Heart Medication Summary
A summary list of medications used to treat the human heart.
BBC News HEALTH Heart drugs could save thousands
Cholesterol-lowering drugs can cut heart attacks and strokes by a third in people at high-risk, research shows.
BBC NEWS Health Heart drugs reduce stroke risk
A drug which cuts the risk of heart attacks can also reduce a person's chance of having a stroke, research shows.
news @ nature.com - Could heart drugs treat HIV? - Cholesterol ...
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Public Citizen Heart Drugs - Heart Drugs
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Statin heart drugs are linked to Parkinson#39s-News-TimesOnline
Research suggesting a possible link between the statin heart drugs being taken by millions of people and Parkinson’s disease has prompted scientists to launch an investigation involving tens of thousands of patients.
HON - News Heart Drugs May Help Shield Brain Cells From Stroke
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